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My room is freakishly clean. I can actually think in this place. Yikes. And I made it cleaner by putting away laundry! And I kind of smell funky! And I need a shower but I also need to get to the bus in ten minutes! Or so.

Also I don't want to go to the private trainer, but that's obligatory. I don't want to write in my food journal, but that's obligatory too. Gah.

But things are mostly good! Stayed at mom's place for a couple days. Puppy puked up a turkey neck on the bed, one a night. :( Not so cool. But Sunday was FUN - waded into the water with her in swimming trunks and threw the ball for her - watched as she tore up the water jumping all the way towards the ball and back. It always delivers a strange sort of satisfaction when I get her completely, totally exhausted - for one, it brings a sense of peace in the house when she's completely out of it on the carpet floor, and it's fun to know that I bring this puppy happiness in her doggy brain.

I never saw myself as a dog person, or a person who'd habitually entertain a dog in my off-hours, but that's what I've been doing. That's what I've been looking forward to.

Also, I'm going to be cutting off my Livejournal eventually. I'll save it for when I want to do memes or advertise for RP comms, and also to comment and keep track of f-lists, but I'm gonna be using Dreamwidth full-time. Caught an outbound.net link a while back, which [profile] shatterstripes covered in her series of posts here. Doesn't really affect me, but it's a nice reminder that LJ is not something I want to park my main journal on - though RP journals are, I suppose, still a source of revenue. Oh well.

I should go get my ass kicked. Later, guys.
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Blagh. Early night for me.

Things to do tomorrow:
-Tag all RP-related posts. (3 in total)
-Start drafting plans for IRC Mouse Guard game.
-Return unspeakably awful PS2 game to library.
-Put away clean laundry.
-Eat parrot for breakfast.
-Write something particularly profound for The Book Idea™.
-NOT spend all day on kdice losing points and being yelled at by man-children and pubescent teenagers over the internet.

Wonder if I'm forgetting anything...

Oh yeah.
-Begin compiling "Things best friend has indefinitely borrowed from me" list.
-Related: Get Metal Slug Anthology back from him right now.

Oh, uh, and
-Try new swimming goggles at swim pool on Quadra.

Yeah, that's a good list.

Signing off.


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